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shi amycola

shi denabeete

shi allmarycollins

shi amylandfire

shi inute

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Q: Who was Shi Huangdi's wife?
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Where did Emperor Shi Huangdis empire expand?


What were shi huangdis reforms?

Legalism was one of them and the changing of currency

Why was Qin shi huangdis dynasty so short lived?


How did shi huangdis rule demostrate his legalist belief?

u tell mehhh!!!!!!!!!!!

How did shi huangdis leadership hurt the empire?

Shi Huangdi's leadership hurt the empire because he was putting all of the farmers to work on the new roads in China and build the Great Wall of China.

What was the massive building project undertaken under Shi Huangdis rule that required the labor of hundreds of thousands of soldiers and workers?

The Great Wall of China

Who was the wife of qin shi Huang?

he had no wife

Did emperor Shi Huangdi have a wife?

He had kids and yea he had a wife

How did all of Shi Huangdis efforts strengthen the empire?

he did this by being the greatest leader he could be

Why might historians differ in their views of Shi Huangdis success as a ruler?

Because Shi Huangdi burned books, forced nobles to move away, and forced commoners to work on government projects. Therefore, historians must have thought that Shi Huangdi wasn't a great and fair ruler for doing that. If I am wrong, sorry. That's the best I can do, hope I helped.

Who is Confucius's wife?

His Wife's name was Qi Guan Shi, Hope this helped!

Why did shi huangdis army destroy city walls and take weapons from people they conquered?

Shi ensured that there would not be any future revolts in his new territories. When his soldiers conquered a city, he had them destroy its walls and take all the weapons ( i hope this helps you guys)

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