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He was a 14 yr old bacha who always played pyschie games and became mad

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Q: Who was Sebastian shultz in Virtually True by Paul Stewart?
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What is the accident Sebastian shultz meets with in Virtually True by Paul Stewart?

Sebastian Shultz meets a deadly motor way accident during which his head bumps the computer. This makes his memory to get stored in the game. Due to this he get into comma.tera mera rishta purana hai tera mera rishta purana hai. MURDER 3 dekhni hai kisi ko me dikhata hou apni bhen ko bhejna tabi .

What was Michael's theory about how Sebastian had entered the Games in Virtually True by Paul Stewart?

According to Michael, Sebastian was probably playing those games when he banged his head in the accident. The computer had saved all his memory onto its own. when Shultz's family was in hospital, a lot games were stoled and ended in a computer fair where it was bought by Michale. When Michael was playing those games, the computer was trying to retrieve Sebastian's memory. So by this incident Sebastian entered the game in the virtual world

What type of literary genre is paul stewart's virtually true?

the novel virtually true comes under the category of science-fiction.

What is the irony in virtually true by paul Stewart?

Virtual means something which does not really exists but only seems to exist. It does not be in the real time and space but only lives in cyberspace. The piece written by Paul Stewart relates the story of Michael Dawson, a school boy who plays psycho-drive and interactive games and discovers in the process of a certain "Sebastian Shultz" who constantly requires saving. Throughout the game Dawson believes that he is just attempting to crack the game while in reality it appears that the real Sebastian suffered from some kind of an accident and his memory was stored in the game. When Sebastian wins the jackpot in the game, the real Sebastian gains his memory and is revived from coma. So the irony in virtually true can be highlighted as the regular attempts made by Dawson while he is playing the game while actually his trials brought a real boy back to consciousness. In the end of the chapter the protagonist Michael asks whether everything was real or virtual because it seems that both of them are so thoroughly intermingled that it seems difficult to distinguish between the two.

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