Who was Mary C Vaughn?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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My dads joojoobees

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Q: Who was Mary C Vaughn?
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When was Mary Ann Vaughn born?

Mary Ann Vaughn was born in 1947.

When did John C. Vaughn die?

John C. Vaughn died in 1875.

When was John C. Vaughn born?

John C. Vaughn was born in 1824.

When did Albert C. Vaughn die?

Albert C. Vaughn died in 1951.

When was Albert C. Vaughn born?

Albert C. Vaughn was born in 1894.

When was Andrew C. Vaughn House created?

Andrew C. Vaughn House was created in 1873.

What has the author Mary Vaughn Hubbard written?

Mary Vaughn Hubbard has written: 'An investigation of socioeconomic and maternal characteristics and their relationship to school performance of the child' -- subject(s): Social status, Mother and child, Children with disabilities, Identification

Where was Brig Gen John C Vaughn born?

General Vaughn was born in Monroe County, Tennessee, growing up around Madisonville, Tn. .

When did Mary C. Whitman die?

Mary C. Whitman died in 1875.

When was Mary C. Whitman born?

Mary C. Whitman was born in 1809.

When was Mary C. Ames born?

Mary C. Ames was born in 1839.

When did Mary C. Ames die?

Mary C. Ames died in 1884.