Who was Lloyd McCoy?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Lloyd was a student at willard middle school.Sadly Lloyd died April 21, 2009 from a gun shot wound.Lloyd was a very special student and will never be forgoten.......R.I.P Lloyd we miss and love u lots!!!

Love your friend Kaitlin Soucy :{

Lloyd was also a band member and he played the french horn.he was loved by a whole lot of students in willard school.We,willard student body,are going to try and raise money for his family or something.Like raise money to plant a tree and buy a bench and put a plaque on it with his name and a picture,and let the students plant flowers around it.This is a very sad time for all of us and he just went away too fast,and lyk i jus found out he was m cuzn!...but at least now we know he's in a better place..............[R].est [I].n [P].eace Lloyd,you will always be missed :( -Ariana

Lloyd was a Basketball ,a football and Baseball player when died everbody were crying but we knew he was in a better place now he will not be forgoten

we miss Lloyd devonta binion and yo cuzin nate and Jacob mathews and Jordan killias and shondell Jackson


Lloyd McCoy was loved by many and he was an awsum person...i was in a school full of strangers at the beginning of 2009 and he was the first person to actuallt talk to me and be nice....he was a great person....memories of him in my head shall never be replaced....Rest In Peace Lloyd='] we miss you!!!

-----------------Mandy feller------------------------------------------------------------------------

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Q: Who was Lloyd McCoy?
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