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Katie Price's first husband was Peter Andre.

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Peter Andre was her first husband.

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Q: Who was Katie price first husband?
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Who was Katie price's second husband?

Katie's second husband was cage fighter Alex Reid.

Who was Katie price's xhusband before peter Andre?

Katie Price's husband befoe Peter Andre was Dane Bowers.

How old was Katie price when she got her first horse?

Katie was seven when she got her first horse.

When did Katie Price first get famous?

Katie first got famous by modelling for Page 3 for The Sun newspaper.

Where was the first place Katie price road?

At her house.

Is Katie price on facebook?

Yes,she is under katie Price (katie 'rp Price)

How many boyfriends has Katie Price had?

Katie was 13 when she got her first boyfriend.

How Katie price first started modeling?

Katie first started modelling by modelling for The Sun newspaper on page 3.

When was Katie price's first Chiled born?

Harvey Price was born on the 27th of May.

How do you talk to Katie price on facebook?

u have 2 add her first and her addy is Katie Andre and that's it

What is Katie price's Facebook?

Katie price is hot

Is Katie Price a Muslim?

No, Katie Price is not a Muslim.