Who was George Elliott?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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George Elliott may refer to: * George Eliot, pen name of Mary Ann Evans (1819-1880), English novelist * George Elliott (Canadian writer) (1923-1996) * George Elliott (footballer) (born 1889), Middlesbrough FC football (soccer) player * George Elliott (surgeon) (c. 1636-1668) English military doctor * George F. Elliott (1846-1931), U.S. Marine Corps Commandant * George Elliott (Australian rules footballer), Australian Rules footballer for the Melbourne University Football Club * George Elliot (admiral) (1784-1863) * George Elliot (politician) (1813-1901), British Admiral and Member of Parliament for Chatham 1874-1875 * Sir George Elliot, 1st Baronet (1814-1893), British businessman and Conservative Member of Parliament 1868-1880, 1886-1892 * Sir George Elliot, 2nd Baronet (1844-1895), British businessman and Member of Parliament 1874-1885, 1886-1895 * George Elliot (Australian actor), writer/actor in The Crop and former AUSCAR/NASCAR racer

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Q: Who was George Elliott?
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