Who was Francois Borne?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Francois Borne (1840-1920) was a classical composer, principal Flute player for the Grand Theatre of Bordeaux, and professor of flute at Toulouse Conservatory in the closing years of the nineteenth century. He was a renowned authority on flute design, and is recognized as an important contributor to the development of the modern flute's split-E mechanism. "Fantaisie Brillante pour la Flute" was written in 1900, and orchestrated in 1990 by arranger Raymond Meylan, the only surviving piece written by Borne for flute (even though the composer wrote many pieces featuring the flute) [© 1992 Albert J Kunzelmann GmbH] . The piece highlights the full range of the instrument, fulfilling Borne's desire to write pieces showcasing the abilities of the flute, and challenging the abilities of the flute soloist. The Carmen fantasy uses several themes from that Opera which are very familiar to the public, and explores several variations on these motifs, highlighting both musical and tecnhical aspects of flute performance. Source Material:

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Q: Who was Francois Borne?
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