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Q: Who was Edmund halleys mother?
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What did Edmund Halley invent?

he found halleys comet he found halleys comet

Who discoverd halleys comet?

We don't know exactly. The person who recognized that it was the same comet appearing periodically every 76 years or so was Edmund Halley, but we don't know who was the first to ever see it.

What was Edmund Hillary's mother's name?


What were Edmund Campion's parent's names?

His father was also named Edmund but there is no reference to the name of his mother.

What is Sir Edmund Hillarys mother and fathers name?

Edmund's parents were called (father) Percival Augustus Hillary and (mother) Gertrude Hillary, née Clark.

What has the author Edmund Monson written?

Edmund Monson has written: 'Washington and the mother country' -- subject(s): Relations

What size is halleys Comet?


Who was Sir Edmind Hillary's Mother?

Edmund Hillary's mother was Gertrude Hillary, née Clark

Who are sir Frances drakes parents?

His father was Edmund Drake and his mother was Mary Mylwaye.

Is halleys comet a star?

No. It's a comet.

What is the orbit of halleys comet?

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What did the spacecraft giotto visit in 1986?

halleys comet