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The killer? The killer is Alison. Alison had a twin sister Courtney . Courtney was supposed to go to a mental institution but Alison went instead for some reason. Courtney befriended the girls. Then alison came back andkilled Courtney. The police found courtneys body. But don't get the wrong idea- Alison is NOT -A.

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Alison never died. it was really Courtney, Ali's twin sister who died and alison killed her.
Actually Ali has a twin sister named courtney and she was the one that dies but she was pretending to be Ali so ali got jealous and killed courtney.. So the killer of "Ali" is Alison her self

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we dont know yet im also waiting to but im pretty sure she was afraid of melissas boyfirend i forgot his name but they found out who killed allison but she is probally still alvie becuase the door was open

as you can see in the last eposide melissa kissed him

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Katie Leahy

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did ali kill herself

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Q: Who was Alison afraid of in Pretty Little Liars?
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