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Its Alan Bleviss

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Q: Who voices the jos a banks commercials?
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Where are JoS A Banks clothes made?

made in haiti

What is the haunting music behind the Jos A Bank commercials?

Jupiter, from Holst's Planets Suite.

Who voices future of awesome commercials?

Selma Blair

Who voices the new jcpenney commercials?

Kelly Ripa

What is Jos A Banks best known for?

Jos A Banks is best know for their fashionable selection of clothing. They typically cater to the needs of business and formal wear events. Their clothing is relatively expensive, however well made.

Who can be associated with old volkwagen's commercials?

Random Voices of Narration

Who voices the j c Penney commercials?

Kelly Ripa

Who voices the Marie callender's tv commercials?

Tom Hanks

Who is the person on the commercials?

Elizabeth Banks Actress

Does Forrest Whittaker do NFL commercial?

Yes, he voices NFLSHOPS.COM commercials, the commercials that promote the sale of NFL jerseys and other NFL merchendise.

Why are women's voices not in commercials?

Because people dont think that women are good enough when they are!

Who voices new subway commercial?

Sounds like the same guy who does the Applebee's commercials!