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The Shannon Rogers Band . Check out a book written about them by Pat McGrath Avery

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Q: Who toured with the USO shows in Korea?
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WW2 touring entertainment group?

The Andrews Sisters was a group that toured for the USO in World War II.

What does the acronym USO mean?

The acronym USO stands for United Service Organizations. It refers to "USO shows" which are entertaining performances done by celebrities for the United States' military.

What actors and actresses appeared in Cassino to Korea - 1950?

The cast of Cassino to Korea - 1950 includes: Jackson Beck as Commentator Jack Benny as Jack Benny - USO Show Bob Hope as Himself - USO Show Frances Langford as Frances Langford - USO Show David Ludlum as American Army Weatherman Quentin Reynolds as Commentator

What does USO mean?

USO is an acronym that stands for Unidentified Submerged Object, and is used to describe any one of many mysterious underwater phenomena observed by sailors and shore-goers. Alternate answer: USO also stands for United Service Organizations. The USO provide various services to military personnel of the United States, the most publicized of which are shows to entertain troops overseas.

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What country was Mayra Veronica born in?

Mayra Veronica was born in Cuba in 1980. She left Cuba with her mother in 1984 for the United States. Mayra Veronica is a singer, actress and model. She has been featured in the magazine FHM and has toured for the USO.

When was USO created?

USO Mondeville was created in 1971.

When was the USO created?

USO Mondeville was created in 1971.

What are three ways the USO helped the war effort?

The USO (United Service Organizations) helps service personnel and their families by providing them with programs, live entertainment, and services. Many cities have USO Centers, where service personnel can go. They are most well-known for their shows, wherein top entertainers are brought to combat zones to enhance the morale of the troops in those zones.

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USO - rapper - was born in 1981.

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