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Carol O' Connor (Archie Bunker from All In the Family)

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Q: Who starred in 'In the Heat of the Night with Sidney Portier?
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Who appeared in the 1967 motion picture In the Heat of the Night?

Sidney Poitier

Was there racism in the 1950's?

It is clearly showed in the film with Sidney Poitier "In the heat of the night".

The late actor caroll o'connor starred in which television series?

The main series he was on were "All in the Family" and "In the Heat of the Night".

Who played Mr Tibbs in movie?

Sidney Poitier played the role of Virgil Tibbs in the movie "In the Heat of the Night" source []

Is actress Denise Nicholas still acting?

Denise Nicholas is an American actress that has starred in television series such as In the Heat of the Night and Room 222. She has also played parts in many movies throughout the years. Denise Nicholas has not starred in any movies since 2004.

What is Sidney Poitier most well known for?

Sidney Poitier is most well known for his diplomatic career and his acting. The acclaimed films of his would include Edge of the City, The Defiant Ones, Porgy and Bess, All the Young Men, A Raisin in the Sun, Lilies of the Field, A Patch of Blue, and In the Heat of the Night.

What states grow cotton in us?

Traditionally produced cotton south east states. For example Mississippi, where took place the story of the well known film "In the Heat of the NIght" (staring Sidney Poitier).

When was Heat of the Night created?

Heat of the Night was created in 1987-03.

What happened to the cast from heat of the night?

What happens to the cast of in the heat of night

What is the duration of Night Heat?

The duration of Night Heat is 2700.0 seconds.

What was the budget for In the Heat of the Night?

The Production Budget for In the Heat of the Night was $2,000,000.

When was In the Heat of the Night?

In the Heat of the Night was released on 08/02/1967.