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if you're talking about r and b it's BARRY WHITE.

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Q: Who sings you are my everything?
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Who sings 'I hate everything about you'?

Adam Gontier of Three Days Grace sings I Hate Everything About You.

Who sings everything?


Who sings the song with these lyrics hes everything you want hes everything you need hes everything?

Vertical Horizon - that's the artist who sings that song =)the tunes called everything you want

What band sings your my everything?

"You're My Everything" was a hit for the Temptations in 1967.

Which blink 182 vocalist sings in the song Josie?

Mark sings majority of the song, but Tom chimes in to sing the "I know that everything, that everything..." part.

Who sings you are everything i wanted you to be?

Susan McCann

Who sings the song with the lyrics you were my everything i was too blind to see you were my everything?


Who sings who got the hooch?

the band's name is Everything

Who sings i want to be your everything?

You could either mean "I wanna be your everything." by Keith Urban. Or "You are my everything." by Boys 2 Men.

Who sings the southern gospel song they'll be no dying anymore?

Maybe Donnie McClurkin since he sings everything else...

What is cool about Jenette McCurdy?

Everything! She can act and sing. Amazingly. EVERYTHING! She acts, she sings, she plays football, she plays basketball, she does EVERYTHING well!

Who sings to the left to the left everything you own in the box to the left?

beyonce sings to the left theres a guys vershon to but im not shurw who sings that one it may be treys songs