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Hi the singer is Camilla Kerslake do not know song as yet, she is on Gary Barlow's record lable.

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Q: Who sings waitrose Christmas tv advert?
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What is the signature tune on the waitrose tv advertisement?

2009 edition of the Waitrose TV adThe 2009 edition of the Waitrose TV ad will be held by Camilla Kerslake.Camilla Kerslake, Soprano opera singer and The Protégé of Gary Barlow is pleased to announce on her website that she has partnered with Waitrose to be the voice of their 2009 Christmas Television ad.The Waitrose advert song being used is Camilla's stunning version of 'How can I keep from singing'. It can be watched online on her official website. edition of the Waitrose TV adGolden Brown by The Stranglers.

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