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There's a couple different ones..

  • Keith Sweat - "I Wanna Get Freaky With You"
  • Silk - "Wanna Get Freaky With You"
  • Jodeci - "Let Me Lick You Up and Down"
  • Dane Bowers - "Wanna Get Freaky With You"
  • Another Level - "Freak Me"
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another leval

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Q: Who sings tonight baby i want to get freaky with you?
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Human League

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The Outfield. I think. I am pretty sure it is The Outfield.

What are the lyrics to the song freaky people by crowd pleasers?

I can tell by your eyes, you've been eating monkey flies, are you freaky? And I can tell by your clothes, you belong in a minstrel show, are you freaky? (yo mama) Have you ever been to the moon? be cool, you're going soon are you freaky? I've known you since 74 and you're still a bore! if I'm freaky you are too! **chorus Baby, let me freak with you, its all I want to do, baby, let me freak with you.

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human league

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Almost anything can be freaky if you say it to the right person. Everybody has things that freak them out.Why, exactly, do you WANT to be freaky?

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The Dream sings that song and the name of it is Rockin That Thang. By: Chela' Hill

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Science - Masquerade

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Raab. I remember the song

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Hey baby by pitbull!! I <3 that song