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There are several songs that share this title. Bob Dylan began the confusion on his 1974 album "Planet Waves" with two versions of the song. A meandering four minute folk arrangement and a rousing countrified version done in half the time. This one is covered by everyone you would expect such as Joan Baez, Pete Seeger, The Band and The Grateful Dead.

Rod Stewart had a Top 20 hit with his 1988 song. While very different in sound it was thematically and lyrically similar enough that he dodged legal trouble by agreeing to share royalties with Dylan. This one was covered by So They Say on the album "Punk Goes 80s" and can be heard in the season 3 finale of "Glee".

The new-wave group Alphaville released their synth heavy song in 1984. More a dark reflection on mortality than the inspirational anthems previously mentioned. It has been covered 80s ladies Laura Brannigan, Tiffany and Kim Wilde as well as punk bands Bad Influence and McDolly. It is also heavily sampled in the Jay-Z release "Young Forever".

Notable and completely dissimilar songs can also be heard by witty new-wavers Sparks, roots-rockers BoDeans, heavy metal outfit Tyketto and neo-punk band Grasshopper Takeover.

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Q: Who sings the song forever young?
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