Who sings the song Baby Love?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The Supremes, before they changed to Diana Ross and ..........

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Q: Who sings the song Baby Love?
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Who sings baby love?

The supremes

Who sings the song''baby me love me tell me that you love me''?


Who sings the song baby baby falling in love falling in love again?

La Bouche!

Who sings the song that begins with the first line Beautiful Baby Living on Love?

The song is Wonderful Baby (living on love) by Don McLean.

What is the song that Peter Frampton sings on family guy?

Baby I Love Your Way.

Who Sings the song baby come back I want you back I need you back I love you girl?

Player sings it

What alternative band sings the song 'Baby Please Come Home'?

Darlene Love

Who sings the song Baby?

Justin bieber sings baby

Who sings the song that goes baby here i am im your man?

Trey songs- one love

Who sings the Amazon Kindle new song it starts i love you baby?

The Generationals - When they fight they fight

Who sings run baby run?

these lyrics are from the song check yes Juliet by we the kings. i love the song! :]

What is this song Baby just look at us all this time and you're still in love?

== == The artist that sings this song is Jason Michael Carrol and the song is called "livin our love song".