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Q: Who sings song on TLC commercial in my life?
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Who sings TLC commercial song?

It is 'Beautiful Life', from the album 'The Lovely Years' by Fisher.

What is that song that goes it's a beautiful life in that commercial on TLC?

"Beautiful Life" by Fisher. That commercial is so cute!

What is the song on the Little Couple commercial song on TLC?

Beautiful Life by Fisher?

Who sings the song on the commercial for the TLC show Must Love Kids?

The song in the commercial for Must Love Kids is "Suddenly I See" by KT Tunstall. The song was released in 2005.

Who sings no scrubs?

The song "No scrubs" is by the band TLC

What is the 2012 TLC Life Worth Watching summer commercial song?

i think it might be a sara bareilles song but im not exactly sureIt is 'King of Anything' by Sara Bareilles.

Who sings waterfall?


What is the song from 'Jon and Kate Plus 8' final episode commercial aired on TLC the week of November 18 2009?

The song is It's Your Life (Dented Fender Sessions) from "My Paper Heart" by Francesca Battistelli.

What state farm commercial was TLC song played?

Song:waterfalls Album:crazy sexy cool Circa 1994

When was Damaged - TLC song - created?

Damaged - TLC song - was created in 2002.

What is the song played on the preview of Kennedy's Home Movies on TLC?

In My Life by Johnny Cash

What is the title of the song in the last Jon and Kate Plus 8 episode?

According to the TLC website the name of the song is "Its your life"