Who sings solo?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Who sings solo?
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Who sings red solo cup?

Toby Keith sings the song Red Solo Cup.

Who sings running solo?

If you mean ridin' solo it's buy Jason Derulo If it's called running solo idk who sings it

Who sings rideing solo?

Jason Derulo

Who sings the solo in what makes you beautiful?

Harry Styles

Who sings im riding solo?

Jason Derulo (:

Who is the boy in the Veronicas?

Lisa sings solo mostly, but Jessica does have some solo parts.

Who sings the first solo vocals in little mix?


Who sings in 'same mistakes' by one direction?

They all do. But, not all of them have solo's in it.

Who sings a solo at the end of a opera concert?

Usually the main artist.

Who sings fly on the wings of love?

Jeffrey Osborne sings "On the wings of love" from his self titled solo album from 1982.

Who sings the new song about being Single?

Ridin' Solo by Jason Derulo

Who sings the song imagine?

John Lennon does, when he was a solo artist after he left the Beatles