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The singers are Joshua Radin and Schuyler Fisk :)

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Q: Who sings paperweight in dear john?
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Who sings the song on the trailor for Dear John?

Set The Fire To The Third Bar by Snow Patrol

What actors and actresses appeared in Human Paperweight - 2011?

The cast of Human Paperweight - 2011 includes: John Paliferro as Horito Asaki

Who sings your dear Annie?


Who sings the song from the Dear John movie preview?

Snow Patrol and Martha Wainwright...the song is called "Set the fire to the third bar"

What does John F Kennedy's coconut paperweight look like?

A coconut encased in resin

Who sings theme song to hereafter?

Sia - Lullaby. She is an amazing artist with many other beautiful songs. She also did the theme song to Dear John.

How do you say dear John in Danish?

"Dear John" in Danish is Kære john

What is dear John rating?

Dear John is rated PG-13.

Who published dear John?

The publisher of 'Dear John' is Warner Books.

Who is the protagonist in Dear John?

The protagonist in Dear John is John Tyree. He is also the main character!

How many syllables are in paperweight?

There are three syllables in paperweight.

Who was the director of the movie 'Dear John'?

Dear John was directed by Lasse Hallström.