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Q: Who sings lead vocals on lamar campbell's song closer?
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Does Tom DeLonge sing all the small things?

Tom Delonge sings the lead vocals. while Mark Hoppus sings backing vocals.

Who sings brand new you in 13?

Charlotte (Ariana Grande) sings the main vocals

Who sings backup for tokio hotel's monsoon?

Tom Kaulitz sings the background vocals ;)

Who are the members of Faber drive?

There are four people in Faber Drive, Dave Faber; Who plays the rhythm guitar and sings lead vocals. Jeremy Liddle; Who plays bass guitar and sings backing vocals. Jordan Pritchett; Who plays Lead guitar and sings backing vocals. And of course, Andrew Stricko; Who plays drums and backing vocals. Hope this answers your question! ::)

Who sings the first solo vocals in little mix?


Who sings the backup vocals in smooth criminal?

Michael Jackson

Who sings lead vocals on Santana's Hold On?

Alex Ligertwood

Who sings lead vocals in Gorillaz For Dare?

Rosie Wilson, aka Rosie Gabor, sings as Noodle for this song. :)

Who sings Panama?

Van Halen. (David Lee Roth vocals)

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Paul McCartney

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Alexandra Stan sings the vocals.

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He sings the LEAD vocals, definitely!