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The layabouts ft portia monique

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Q: Who sings if this is how love's supposed to be i don't want it?
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Who sings if this is how love supposed to be I don't want it?

The layabouts ft portia monique

Who sings if you dont want me its a blues song?

Sir Charles

What has 8 heads and sings?

no mom i dont want eggs

Who sings i dont want to be into you but i gotta?

Shapeshifters - Helter Skelter Lyrics

Who sings i dont want to set the world on fire?

the ink spots.

If your boyfriend keeps trying to get you to kiss him like before and you dont want to what should you do?

if you dont wnat to do something dont if he loves you he will respect what you want to good luck !

What should i do when i dont want to lose somebody who loves me but i dont love him?

If you don't want to lose someone who loves you, but you don't love them you should be honest about your feelings. You can still have someone in your life without being in love with them.

When a boy says you he loves you what do you do?

you ask why he loves you than when he tells you why he loves you if you like him ask him out 2 or 3 days later but if you dont you tell hom respectfully you dont like him but you might want to be friends, (it depends if he's weird or not.)

Who sings the song you dont want to know her her name?

It's Bryan Adams. Thank you. Moving on.

Who sings the song with the lyrics well ive been watching you all night dont you want to dance dont you want to dance?

Bohannon Hamilton- Let's Start The Dance

What if he loves you but you dont love him back and you want to break up but h says he needs you?

Give it time.

Why does a guy tell you he loves you but then tell everyone else he dont want to be with you?

hes just shy probarley