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an r and b singer named candy sang the tune that was a country song originally

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Q: Who sings back up on Kandi one eskimo?
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Who sings the remix of be your little baby by The Ronettes?

One EskimO (Deluxe Edition) - the song is named Kandi

Who sings the new version of He Called me Baby Baby all night long?

The band, One Eskimo, sings the song but their version is called Kandi.

EskimO One Kandi female vocalist?

candi staton

Who sand the song he Called me Baby in the bones final episode?

One Eskimo - It's called "Kandi"

Who sings He Called You Baby Baby?

The song title is He Called ME Baby.Harlan Howard wrote it, Patsy Cline recorded it in February 1963, Candi Staton in 1971 as He Called Me Baby. Charlie Rich covered it in 1974 as She Called Me Baby. They all did justice to the song in their own era of the 1960's & 1970's. I am eternally grateful that One Eskimo brought this incredible song back to life in 2010. They give this song a haunting, emotionally hungering, desiring, alluring song a strong hook that pulls you in. I Love It. Look for the popular ONE ESKIMO version, called "Kandi."

Who sings Back at one?

Brian McKnight

When was One Eskimo created?

One Eskimo was created on 2009-09-22.

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Paul Alan - "To Bring You Back"

Who sings the techno song go back to the oldschool?

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