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Q: Who sings Lordy Lordy Lordy Miss Claudy?
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What is the population of Claudy?

Claudy's population is 1,316.

When was Claudy GAC created?

Claudy GAC was created in 1934.

When did Carl H. Claudy die?

Carl H. Claudy died in 1957.

When was Carl H. Claudy born?

Carl H. Claudy was born in 1879.

When did Claudy bombing happen?

Claudy bombing happened on 1972-07-31.

When was Claudy Mailly born?

Claudy Mailly was born on 1938-11-30.

When was Lordy Rodriguez born?

Lordy Rodriguez was born in 1976.

What are the release dates for Empty Nest - 1988 Lordy Lordy Landlordy 6-24?

Empty Nest - 1988 Lordy Lordy Landlordy 6-24 was released on: USA: 23 April 1994

When was Lordy Tugade born?

Lordy Tugade was born on 1977-12-30.

When was Claudy Chapeland born?

Claudy Chapeland was born on November 27, 1944, in Levallois-Perret, France.

When was Miss Peggy Lee Sings the Blues created?

Miss Peggy Lee Sings the Blues was created in 1988.

Who sings the country song don't miss your life?

The person that sings "Don't Miss Your Life" is Phil Vasser