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Paul, with John and George as backing vocals.

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Paul McCartney sang "Lady Madonna"

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Q: Who sings Lady Madonna in the Beatles?
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What is the beatle song with belladona children at feet?

'Lady Madonna, children at her feet' is a line in 'Lady Madonna' by the Beatles. I don't know about Belladonna though.

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The song is actually called Red Umbrella By Faith Hill.

What five beatles songs did Elvis sing?

yesterday, lady madonna, hey jude, get back, something

What is the name of the CD with Lady Madonna on it?

I know of 2 Beatles albums for sure ... Anthology2 & Beatles 1 ... But it has appeared appeared on more than that. It originally appeared on The Beatles "Hey Jude."

Lady Madonna by The Beatles?

"Lady Madonna" was written by Paul McCartney as a celebration of motherhood. He came up with the name after seeing a magazine picture of an African woman carrying a baby, entitled "Mountain Madonna". The song was recorded and released as a single in March, 1968.

Which Beatles album contains Lady Madonna?

"Lady Madonna" was not originally on an album. It appeared on two compilations: Hey Jude in 1970, and Past Masters Volume 2 in 1987.

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Did Ronnie Scott play saxophone for the Beatles?

Ronnie Scott contributed to, and possibly played in the non-vocal parts of the riff to "Lady Madonna".

Who sold more records Madonna or The Beatles?

The Beatles. Not even close.

Is Lady Gaga realalated to Madonna?

No, Lady Gaga and Madonna are not related.

Who is more famous Captain Kirk or Lady Gaga?

Madonna and the Beatles are more famous than Lady Gaga!