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A lot of stores

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Q: Who sells Harry and David chocolate besides Harry and David?
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What products does Dunkin' Donuts sell besides donuts and coffee?

Besides doughnuts and coffee, Dunkin Donuts sells the Keurig Coffee maker and also the Keurig cups to go in the coffee maker. Dunkin Donuts sells hot chocolate in regular chocolate and white chocolate flavors. Also the company sells lunch sandwiches like the paninni and Hans Eggs and cheese bagels and croissants.

Who makes Harry Potter candies?

Jelly Belly makes Harry Potter candies and also sells Harry Potter candies. These candies include Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans and Harry Potter Chocolate Frogs.

Does Harry and Davids have a website?

Harry and David's have a website that sells a variety of high quality gift products They sell a variety of products including fruits, gift baskets, and wine.

Which shop sells candy in Harry Potter?

Honeydukes sells candy in Harry Potter.

Who sells chocolate?


What do you call a person who makes chocolate?

A confectioner is someone who makes and sells candies and sweets. A chocolatier is someone who specifically makes and sells chocolate.

Where can you order chocolate berries online?

Amazon sells chocolate covered berries, as well as many other types of treats. The website, Berries, also sells a variety of chocolate dipped berries.

Where can one find promotional deals on Harry and David gift baskets?

One can find promotional deals on Harry and David gift baskets from their official website which is Harry and David. One can also find it from websites like Good Search, My Coupons, Savings and many more.

What is another name for chocolate maker?

A chocolatier is a person who makes or sells chocolate.

Is there a Harry Potter shop in London that sells wands?

Yes hamilys in London sells wands and other Harry potter stuff! :)

What sells more pizza or chocolate?

More chocolate bars, but pizza probably gets more money! :)

Who sells chocolate diamonds?

What I have heard is Jared. Jared's is supposedly the ONLY legal distributor of chocolate diamonds.