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The New Avengers was pretty popular so it is safe to assume that millions of people saw it. How to know exactly who they were is impossible to determine.

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Q: Who saw the movie the New Avengers?
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Which superhero gave The Avengers their name?

well I just saw the avengers and it was actually nick who gave them their name he is their commander watch the movie really good :)

Will wasp and ant-man be in the new avengers movie?


Is the state for The Avengers movie New York?

In a way, yes. The Avengers has many sets throughout the entire movie, all over the world. However, the memorable climax of the movie with the Avengers vs. Loki and the Chitauri is set in New York, specifically Manhattan.

Who are the members of the new avengers?

I'm pretty sure it's all of the old avengers with new characters like Spider-man and Wilvorine. There should be a movie coming out about them in the future. There is a movie called "The Wilvorine" coming out.

When will the new movie First Avenger Captain America take place and when will The Avengers movie take place?

cap in the times during WWII (and maybe the present) avengers will be in the present

Is spiderman in the avengers?

In the comic books? Yes. Sometimes. In the movies? Not yet.

Is The Avengers and Avengers Assemble the same movie?


The best movie of the year is?

Right now the best movie of the year is New Moon JK it is diffidently THE HUNGER GAMES or THE AVENGERS

How long is the movie the avengers?

i just watched the avengers movie and i believe it is 2 and a half hours

Is Wolverine in The Avengers new movie in 2012?

No. He is not. Wolverine's rights are owned by 20th Century Fox. The Avengers' rights are owned by Marvel Entertainment. They can't be in the same film yet.

Who is the director of The Avengers movie?

The director of The Avengers (2012) is Joss Whedon.

Why does Captain America have a different suit in The Avengers?

Because the Avengers is different than in his other appearances. They wanted something new, after all, "The Avengers" movie takes place more than 60 years after the events in "Captain America: The First Avenger" .