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The song is "Sour Cherry" by the Kills.

It has a great beat.

This song is awesome.

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Blake Shelton sang the title song in the credits of this movie.

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Kenny Loggins

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Q: Who sang the title song in the opening and closing credits of the 2011 remake of the movie footloose?
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He is not credited with a role in the 2011 remake of Footloose.

What are the release dates for Our Footloose Remake - 2011?

Our Footloose Remake - 2011 was released on: USA: 10 April 2011 (internet)

When and where are the auditions for footloose the remake?

They haven't announced them yet.

When is the 'Footloose' remake coming out?

It came out on October 14, 2011.

How many footloose movies are there?

Only 2 the original and a remake that was not as good.

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No he is not, but he will be in the remake of footloose next year

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uhmm sometime this year. i really want to know what month though.first April now i hear November. 2011 footloose right?

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Who was Wes in Footloose?

The role of Wes Warnicker was played by Arthur Rosenberg in the original 1984 film, and by Wes McKinnon (of TV's Rectify) in the 2011 remake.

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Rusty Rodriguez is Ariel's best friend, played by Sarah Jessica Parker (18) in the 1984 film, and by Ziah Colon in the 2011 remake.