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you are the answer for me you are my inspiration

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Q: Who sang the song you're my inspiration?
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Who sang the song with the lyrics oh joey if youre hurting so am i?

Concrete Blonde

Who sang the wedding song in the movie the wood?

Teddy Pendergrass of course!!! It's called "You're my latest, my greatest inspiration"

What was Amy Lee's inspiration?

Amy Lee was always interested in singing, and in art. she was 17 when she first wrote her first song. then she sang it with her choir at school.

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Tom Jones sang the song.

Who sang the song 2012?

Jay Sean sang the song 2012.

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Disturbed sang that song

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He sang the song "trouble" .

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Carly Simon sang this beautiful song.

Who sang the song 'Be Your Friend'?

Faron Dawe sang the song 'Be Your Friend'

Who sang this song with a song in your heart?

i would like to know who sang that song in sleepy ma-tress song

Who sang youre good girl's going to go bad?

Tammy Wynette