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Paul Wall- Girl.

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Q: Who sang the song oh girl id be in trouble if you left me now?
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What was alex Lamberts last song he sang?

He sang the song "trouble" .

Who sang the song trouble in the movie PS i love you?

The two people who sang the song trouble in P.S. I Love you are: Greg Dulli & Kerry Brown

Who sang just that girl?

Drew Seeley sang the song 'Just That Girl'.

Who sang the song whose that girl?


Who sang the song 90's girl?

A lady named Balckgirl sang the song 90's girl. It was made in 1994. it was part of the album 90's girl.

Who sang the original song from the movie The goodbye girl?

The Artist who sang the song to the movie Good-Bye Girl was David Gates, the lead singer for the group Bread. The name of the song is Good-by Girl. You have good taste. :)

Who sang georgy girl?

I believe it was The Seekers who sang Georgy girl. In 1968. I might be wrong cause the full song is "Hey There Georgy Girl"

Did Michael jackion sang any call liberian?

He sang a song called "Liberian Girl"

What song did justin bieber sang and he cried?

sing* He sang Down to Earth, and Favorite Girl

Who sang the pop song Only Girl in the World?


Who is the lady who sang Linkin Park's Numb Song?

There is no woman who sang Numb, Chester Bennington sang it, with Mike Shinoda with back up vocals.

What movie features the song smile again sung by a women?

My Girl 2. It was the girl's mother that sang the song "Smile". She sang it in the scene where the little girl watched the home movie with her mom in it. She also sang it to her baby brother in one of, if not the very last scenes of the movie. Beaches