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Who Sang Never Said in the 90's

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Q: Who sang the song never said in the 90s?
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What black female sang the song about her grandmother or mother in the 90s and what is the song?

Dianna Reeves

Who sang a 90s hit song called babycakes?

3 of a Kind I believe.

Who sang the song tick tock in the 80s or 90s?

Stevie Ray Vaughn

Who sang that song Mr Winslow in the 90s?

Sorry not sure about a song called Mr. Winslow in the 90s but there was a song called Mr. Wendel by Arrested Development. I bet that is the one in which you are referring.

What artist in the 90s sang a song that had the lyrics in it I was only dreaming. it was a rave type song quite fast but catchy?

Bryan Adams

Who sang you are everything from the 90s?

thom bell sings that song thom bell sings that song thom bell!

Who sang 1 2 3 shake your body down?

The title of the song is, "Use It Up And Wear It Out." Originally, Odyssey sung the song circa 1980, but Boys & Girls sang a techno remix in the 90s.

Who sang a song with the lyric she never mentions the door back in the late 80s - early 90s?

The name of the song is "The Door" and the artist is country singer Skip Ewing. He has quite a few hits that were back in that time period mentioned. Check out his other song, "It's You Again."

Who sang searching from the 90s?

china black

Who sang this song with the lyrics not exactly sure if these are right der dup der dup never change der dup der dup want your love think its a 90s song its a tune i always hear out but cant find?

Frankie Valli And The Four Seasons Marlena

Who sang roses are red violets are blue in the 90s?

The British male singer was Ronnie Carroll. He sang the song "Roses are red, my love, Violets are blue..... Jax 1942

Who sang song with chrous prince of peace wont you hear my plea ring your bells of of peace let living never cease it was a an urban group ong was in charts in 90s and had a bit of spoken word or rap?

Galliano "Prince of Peace"