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Spandau Ballet had a song in the 80's titled Gold.

John Stewart had a hit in the 70's with a different song titled Gold.

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Q: Who sang the song gold on the early 70's?
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There may be more than one, but "Baby It's You" was a hit for Smith in the early 70s.

Who sang the song baby come back from the '70s?

Player 1977

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Who sang wanted in the 70,s

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AnswerLonely Boy was written and recorded by Paul Anka in 1959. Anka sang this song in the movie Girls Town.Billy Craddock then covered the song in 1971Donny Osmond had a 1972 revival of the song.Another Singer who sang this song - it was Andrew Gold with his mid-'70s hit "Lonely Boy"I believe it was Neil Sadaka

Did ABBA do a song called eres tu It means it is you or that's you and it was by an group who sang American songs back in the early 70s i believe. I am hispanic and know speeling is correct?

'Eres Tu (touch the wind)' was performed by Mocedades who came from Bilbao and sang 'Eres Tu' as the Spanish entry in the 1973 Eurovision Song Competition.

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If you mean "I Got A LINE on You Babe, it was a group called Spirit, from 1969

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the beat is from melissa morgan-fools paradise

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