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the eagles

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Q: Who sang the song desperado first for Celtic thunder?
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Who sang 'Desperado'?

'Desperado' was written by Glenn Frey and Don Henley; it was first released by the Eagles in 1973. A well-known cover is by Linda Rondstadt. Eagles

What song the Eagles sang?

Desperado (oodles)

Did Celtic Women sing with Celtic Thunder on a PBS special?

No, they didn't. Acoupe of the members have met each other but they never actually performed or sang together. That would be great though :)

Was there a country singer who sang Desperado's?

Johnny Cash did a cover of that song

Who sang the song The Thunder Rolls?

The hit country song, The Thunder Rolls, is sang by American country artist Garth Brooks. The song was written by both Pat Alger and Garth Brooks for his first album.

Who sang the gospel song thunder?

The Jackson Southernaires

Who sang second chance for murder she wrote movie the Celtic riddle?

Who sang second chance in episode of Murder she Wrote

What album did the Eagles release the song entitled Desperado?

Originally, Johnny cash sang Desperado however it has been re-recorded by many artists including Kenny Rogers, The Eagles, Clint Black and Garth Brooks Correction...originally sang by the Eagles and covered by Johnny Cash Linda Rhonstadt, Clint Black, Kenny Rogers, and GArth Brooks

Who sang the song with the words 'Here the thunder you can't run away?

was it Shawn Phillips? And that is hear.

Who first sang the song Granada?

Agustin Lara first sang this song in 1932

Who sang chiquitita first ABBA or menudo?

Abba sang it first in English, then spanish. Menudo sang it after them in spanish.

What was the first song that one direction sang?

The first song they sang and wrote was What Makes You Beautiful