Who sang the song boots?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The Wellingtons! :D

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Q: Who sang the song boots?
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Who sang the song with the chorus you can put your boots under my bed any time it is a country song from the mid to late 70's sang by a female?

Shania Twain i believe i think it's from the 80's or 70's Shania Twain sang the question "Whose bed have your boots been under?" in the 90's. Perhaps you are thinking of Barbara Mandrell singing, "You can eat crackers in my bed anytime." The song was from 1980.

Who sings theme song for ABC's new series Killer Women?

A person who sang it in the ending of puss in boots like a Mexican

Who sang the song Delilia?

Tom Jones sang the song.

Who sang the song 2012?

Jay Sean sang the song 2012.

What was alex Lamberts last song he sang?

He sang the song "trouble" .

Who sang the song Anticipation?

Carly Simon sang this beautiful song.

Who sang the song down wit the sickness?

Disturbed sang that song

Who sang the song 'Be Your Friend'?

Faron Dawe sang the song 'Be Your Friend'

Who sang this song with a song in your heart?

i would like to know who sang that song in sleepy ma-tress song

Which verb is 'john sang a song'?

The verb is sang. Sang is the past tense of sing.The word song is a noun.

Who sang the earth song in 2008 on x factor?

Nobody sang this song.

Who sang the song 'With You'?

Tony Terry - sang a song named, 'With You'; I danced to it at my wedding!