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Q: Who sang the song Only God Could Love You More?
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Who sang only love can break you heart in big daddy?

Everlast sang only love can break your heart.

Who sang you could fall in love?


Selena song i could fall in love with you?

Yes Selena sang I could fall in love with you.

Who sang original song could this be love?


Who sang the original song falling in and out of love with you?

There is a song in the VeryPoter Musical. Ron and Mouthboy sing I`m falling in love with herminie Granger.

Who sang the song-MORE?

I think Andy Williams sang More. He may not have been the only one.

How many song have Agnes carlsson sang?

She has sang way more than 1, SEARCH on the internet, I know Release me, On and On, Right here Right now, What a feeling, love is all around, now that I found love, love love love, for love, the music in me, And I am sure there are many more!

Who originally sang jls's love you more?

JLS, it's their song

Does Justin Bieber sing love songs to his girlfriend?

the only love song he sang about his girlfriend was my baby

Who sang you could be happy?

Snow Patrol sang 'You could be happy'. It's the only song they've done without a music video

Who sang If you could only see me now?

the Dixie Chicks

What country artist sang the song talking about love and no one could love you more than me?

George Strait sang "I Cross My Heart". That's the closest song I can think of to what you're asking. But then again I may have heard another one but can't think of it yet. Hope it helps you.