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Paul McCartney in 1964 as the front man for The Beatles.

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Q: Who sang the song Can't Buy Me Love?
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Does the song cant buy me love from the beatles have a electric guitar in the middle of the song?


Who wrote the song Cant buy me love?

Paul McCartney wrote Cant Buy Me Love and then the Beatles recorded it on 29th January 1964. Hope that answers your question!

What is the name of the song that goes can not can not be in love just want to be in love today?

i believe that song is by the beatles (my favorite band.) and if it is then the answer to your question would be "Cant buy me love" "ill buy you a diamond ring my friend, if it makes you feel alright." "i don't care to, much for money. but money cant buy me love!"

Who are the artists who sang who do you love?

Billy Stewart sang a song called "I Do Love You " I found it on eBay's Im not sure if that's what your looking for, you can buy it for $4.00 on that site. hope this helps!

Which Paul McCartney the most recorded song?

Paul recorded wrote and sang hundreds of songs in his career.He wrote and sang with the beatles songs like Yesterday, elenor rigby, hey Jude , let it be , get back, cant buy me love, and co wrote with john many songs as well .

If Clint Daniels sang a song called if nothing lasts forever then you don't have far to fall?

Yes he did !!!!! I heard it on the radio prior to clints signing or right before his leaving arista records. I cant find any record of him singing the song but heard it wrote his name and song tidle down to buy it!!!! Its a beautiful song and i dont know what the big secret is about it!!!!!From AussieMaxThe song was a video clip of : You Don't Have Very Far To Go, a Merle Haggard Song, sang by Clint on "Mine's Country on TNN"Where is this great artist today, just love his music.

What thomas sangster's favorite movies?

cant buy me love

Who sang the song Buy U A Drink?

T-Pain was the singer and songwriter of the song "Buy U A Drank". The song was first released in 2007 as an official single off the singer's album Epiphany.

Where can you buy the song Kevin mckidd sang on Grey's Anatomy webisode?

You should be able to find this song on or on ...hope this helped you

In what movie does a boy pays a girl to be his girlfriend?

Cant buy me love

What song holds the record for the biggest leap to the number one position on the Billboard 100 chart?

Type your answer here... is it love me tender elvis presley janis joplin bobby magee or beatles cant buy me love

Other than love name something that money cant buy?

Money can't buy happiness.