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The Jolly Boys on their album 'Pop'n'Mento'.

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the jolly boys a calypso band

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Q: Who sang the calypso song Song mother and wife are drowning?
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Who sang the song Mother?

danzig sang the song on there self titled album

On a tbn show of theirs there was a black man that sang a calypso song Who was that man?

I think it was John Fairbanks.

What black female sang the song about her grandmother or mother in the 90s and what is the song?

Dianna Reeves

What was the song that hector lavoe sang and said mother flower at the end of the song?

Soñando Despierto

Who sang the game from Triple H's entrance?

Triple H Theme song has been sang twice & by different tow persons1st "The Game" by Motörhead2nd"The Game" by Drowning PoolBut The Lastest is from the Motorhead

Who wrote and sang about Jacques Cousteau's ship calypso?

John Denver

In what year sugar aloes sang the calypso ' I love being me'?

In 1992

Did earnest Lynn sing with lorette Lynn?

yes he did sing with his mother , he and Loretta sang a wonderfull song "A message from Jesus" It is a gospal song that they have sang for a number of years together.

Who woman who had zero at the end of the book Holes by Louis Sachar?

that woman with zero is zeros mother. at the end of the book you can infer that the song she sang is what he remembers. also the book says that when she was a little girl her grandmother sang that song to her.

Who sang chicken and rum I was in barbados in 1990 and lyrics may be wrong but I am sure the song calypso style was chicken and rum or chicken and rice any ideas?

The Mighty Gabby, I was also in Barbados in 1990 and enjoyed this song.

Who sings bodies?

Disturbed wrote it Drowning Pool sang it

Which group sang Hit the Floor?

The group that sang "Let the Bodies Hit the Floor" was Drowning Pool.