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Alesha Dixon

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Q: Who sang the boy does nothing?
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Would a boy like it if you sang the song you wrote about him to him?

No, We don't like it. Because it would be awkward, since he has nothing in return.

Who sang if a rude boy ah dis?

Rihanna sang it.

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soilja boy is a rap artist that sang crank that solja boy is a rap artist that sang crank that

Muddy Waters sang about a Boy?


Who sang karma chameleon?

Boy George

Who sang do what you do do well boy?

the answer to the song do what you do do well boy the singer was NED MILLER

Who sang Japanese boy?

Japanese Boy is a song by Scottish singer Aneka.

What were the songs Cher Lloyd sang in the semi finals?

For the semi final Cher Lloyd sang Nothing on you

Who sang a song that named nothing?

dis dick

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pleese nothing like that.

Who sang oh boy touch you like that?

Brittany Spears

Get Silly is a song that was sang by who?

Get Silly is a song by Soulja Boy.