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john cougar mellancamp

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Q: Who sang song with lyrics dribble off those bobby brooks and I'll do as I please?
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When was Bobby Brooks born?

Bobby Brooks was born on 1945-11-01.

When and where was baseball player Bobby Brooks born?

Bobby Brooks was born November 1, 1945, in Los Angeles, CA, USA.

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There is no song of that name by Bobby Valentino. Are you sure you don't mean Bobby Vee?

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Bobby Brooks died October 11, 1994, in Harbor City, CA, USA.

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The title is FROM BOBBY SOCKS TO STOCKINGS by Frankie Avalon.

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One can easily locate the lyrics to the song 'Turn the Page' by Bobby Valentino in a variety of ways. The simplest way to locate the lyrics would be to go to a website called 'AZLyrics'. Otherwise try the artist's website.

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