Who sang let's twist again?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Chubby Checker

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Q: Who sang let's twist again?
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Who wrote lets twist again chubby checker song?

Kal Mann & Dave Appell

What is the name of the movie that the song lets twist again appeared in?

Let"s twist again is the name of the song. The dance was popularized by one Ernest Evans, better known as Chubbie Checker, a take-off on Fats Domino.

Who sang peppermint twist?

Joey Dee

Who sang The song lets straighten it out?


Who sang Come On Baby Let's Do The Twist?

The song entitled "The Twist" was sung by Chubby Checker.

Who sang lets go to the mall?

Robin sparkles

When was Let's Twist Again created?

Let's Twist Again was created on 1961-06-19.

What holds up your head and lets you bend and twist?


Who sang she lets her walking do the talking?

T. Graham Brown

Who sang the original lets get this party started?

Etta jones

Who sang oops you did it again?

Brittany Spears sang that song.

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