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Somewhat oddly, and the problem of separation angst is more Felt by Women than men, and the possibilities of such things as abandonment, war widows, etc a very real possibility- I cannot thing of any song by a woman directly analogous to (honey) The closest thing- and it does tug some discordant chords, MIGHT be Last Time I saw him, about a woman who haunts the bus terminal waiting for her runaway hubby or boyfriend- it seems he abandoned her, but she ( Wouldn"t leave until the last man"s gotten off)- It is obvious the man is still alive. Some versions of this song have a guy jolly singing in the end- turns out he is a Bus Driver- but then she would know of his whereabout from the bus schedules, right? I can"t think of any woman vocalist song DIRECTLY analogous to (Honey).

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Q: Who sang a woman version of honey by bobby goldsboro?
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The song is about the untimely death of a Woman, evidentally the wife or paramour of the narrator. She was obviously, a blonde. The only reference to a dog in the song was one line that she ( the girl) Surprised me with a Puppy, kept me up all Christmas Eve, two years ago!) The dog is not named or discussed beyond that.

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