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snap the 90's band from Germany


(this is the person who originally & mistakenly answered here that it was "Martha Wash" which, as the person below in "Best Answer" wrote, is incorrect. I was confusing this song with C+C Music Factory's "Gonna Make You Sweat" and the famous line within "Everybody Dance Now!," which IS Martha Wash. But further answer below regarding "The Power.")

BEST ANSWER: "The Power" was recorded by the German band Snap! with Penny Ford (NOT Martha Wash) as lead vocalist. More info here:

ADDITIONAL BEST ANSWER: I'm the person who put the answer above where it says "Older Answer" and I have to clarify what is written above under "Best Answer." Yes, absolutely, Penny Ford was the main singer of Snap!, my apologies -- however, it is NOT her voice who is singing the iconic line "I've got the power!" From the very link you provided above, you will find the following:

"it was based on the rap from Chill Rob G's "Let The Words Flow" and a sample of Disco singer Jocelyn Brown's song "Love's Gonna Get You," which is where the "I've got the power" line comes from."

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Q: Who sang I've got the power?
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