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This is an analogy. It means that things will be at their very worst just prior to getting better.

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Kelly Robinson (Robert Culp) in the old "I Spy" tv series.

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Q: Who said It's always darkest just before it goes pitch black?
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There is no "Darkest Cave", any cave that doesn't get any sunlight in it is PITCH BLACK. Once I went on a cave tour and turned out the lights for fun. I couldn't see my hands a matter of an inch in front of my face

What is a very dark black color?

Alas black is the darkest of the dark, very-est of the very. There is no other colour darker beyond the pitch of black. Therefore, the answer in which you seek is black. Unless, if you mean other descriptive words for it I have a few on mind: Ebony, Midnight, Jet, Charcoal, Ink, etc.

Is pitch black or black a darker color?

Pitch black is a darker color. This is why they add the "pitch" in it.

What is the original meaning of pitch black?

Pitch is a semi-liquid tar that is deep black in color. So the descriptive is pitch black.

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Pitch, as known in the context of the idiom "pitch dark" or "pitch black", is also called bitumen or tar pitch. It is a nearly-solid, very black ooze that comes from petroleum (which in its raw form is also very black).The idiom "pitch black" is a minor rearrangement of the simile "black as pitch" which based on the above definition becomes self-descriptive: very, very black.

How do you say pitch black in french?

pitch black is translated 'nuit noire' in French.