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Q: Who said Art is your life and your life is art?
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Why is it important is art?

who said art is important

Who said 'love art in yourself and not yourself in art' and what does it mean?

Stanislavski Said it

What did the ancestral spirits do in aboriginal art?

They said your all a bunch of gays and get a life

When was My Life in Art created?

My Life in Art was created in 1936.

Are garden plants still life in art?

art is life

Function of art in your life?

what is the meaning of function of art in your life?

What is the duration of Life Art?

The duration of Life Art is 2700.0 seconds.

What colour in art is said to signify royalty?

purple (in ancient art)

What evidences show that art is related to Asian life?

by doing an art that related to art

When was Art Life Images created?

Art Life Images was created in 2006.

When did Life Art end?

Life Art ended on 2007-04-08.

When was Life Art created?

Life Art was created on 2007-03-12.