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It was my one true love, Edward!!! (I <3 Edward 4 life)
ANYWAY, Edward wants Bella to go to college at Darmouth University, but Bella wants to go to the University of Alaska. Then, Bella reminds Edward that she doesn't want to go to college until she is not a newborn vampire anymore. (She wants to be able to go to college without having the irresistible urge to kill everyone around her all the time.)
Edward then reminds Bella that she will be uncontrollable and bloodthirsty when she is newborn; trying again to stall her transformation. Here is the following paragraph from the book:
"It won't be the same for me," I whispered, half to myself. "You won't let me be like that. We'll live in Antarctica."
Edward snorted, breaking the tension. "Penguins. Lovely."

This is the absolute funniest quote from The Twilight Sagaever!!!
Thanks for reading my answer! -mrs.edward1918

Hi there. i am not improving this answer, but i just wanna thank you and not sure how to comment lol. i wanted to know cuz i love ed and penguins, and my friend keeps saying its not in the books. now i know, so thank you. And u are correct it is funny :)

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Q: Who said 'Penguins Lovely' in Twilight?
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