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in movie: Alice

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Q: Who rips James head off in Twilight?
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Who rips James head off?


Did edward bite James neck in the movie?

yes, he ripped his throat out- you can hear him gurgle before Alice rips his head off!

How did bree tanner die in eclipse?

Felix rips her head off her body.

How did they take on James when he attacked Bella in twilight?

They ripped his head off and burned his body, while Edward got the venom out of Bella.. :)

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Rips the Covers Off was created on 2004-04-27.

How does james get killed in twilight?

James is killed by the combined efforts of the Cullens and werewolves, with Edward ultimately delivering the killing blow by tearing off James' head. This happens in the climax of the first book, "Twilight", during a confrontation in a ballet studio where James had lured Bella to.

How did James died in twilight?

Alice, Jasper and Rosalie ripped his head off and burned him in the ballet studio! If you are asking about the book version, Edward pulled him off of Bella then Emmett and Jasper pulled him apart and then burnt the pieces.

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