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Byakuya of the Illusion/Mirage

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Q: Who replaces kagura on Inuyasha when she died?
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Where does the name 'Kagura' originated from?

The name 'Kagura' originated from the Japanese anime InuYasha. It's meaning is 'god-entertainment'. Kagura is one of the many of Naraku's Incarnations in InuYasha.

Which Inuyasha character would you go out with?

Kagura .

What chapter does kagura die?

Episode 2 of Inuyasha: Kanketsu-Hen

What are the release dates for Inuyasha - 2000 Naraku's Barrier Kagura's Decision 3-66?

Inuyasha - 2000 Naraku's Barrier Kagura's Decision 3-66 was released on: USA: 24 July 2004

In inuyasha what is the name of the girl who rides on the feather?

Her name is Kagura and she was made from Naraku's body.

What episode in InuYasha does Kagura kidnap Rin?

Episode 80: "Sesshomaru and the Abducted Rin"

Does kagome confesses she love inuyasha?

Yes she does confesses that she loves inuyasha . it on movie 2 and on episode where she got kidnapped and tells kagura and the creepy infant

Who is kagura in inuyasha anime?

she is the part of naraku's body and she can fly from her feather also she very pretty

What volume does Kagura die in Inuyasha?

I guess chapter 374 or something try looking at Volumes 48 and up.

Who does kagura from fruits baskets marry?

In Inuyasha the final acts, episode 26, after Kogames 3 year absence from the feudal era she returns. Kogame and Inuyasha gets married.

Would sesshomaru have kids?

Answers:1. Naraku didn't kill Kagura. In movie 2, Inuyasha killed Naraku and this lady put a spell on Kagura and Kanna and she sunk them into the water. 2. Umm.... Kagura's dead.Naraku killed her. Sesshomaru couldn't save her with Tenseiga, thus, she died.3. That's not it either, Kagura doesn't die, because in Kanketsu-hen she's still alive.Either way, the possibility of Kagura x Sesshomaru is like... 0.0000001%. Plus, no, they won't have kids.

What episode does kagome gives koga Medicine and inuyasha gets mad?

Episode 66 - Naraku's barrier, Kagura's decision .