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Q: Who plays the young Bruce Wayne on the Gotham television series?
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Will there be a new Batman TV show about young Bruce Wayne?

They are thinking about many names for a new TV show with Batman. Here is a list of some of the names they have thinked about: The Caped Crusader Gotham Adventures Gotham City Gotham Knight The Batman TV Show Batman 2 (they are maybe going to make a sequel to the Batman series from 1966) Batman: The TV Show Batusi

What was the home of Batman and Robin?

GOTHAM CITY They live together in Bruce Wayne's mansion "Wayne Manor" in Gotham City.

How did batman grow up after witnessing his parents' death?

He was raised by Alfred and began training his mind and body whenever he had the time. If you'd like a in-depth look at that development, the TV series Gotham has its own take on the growth of Bruce Wayne, which isn't too far from the comics depictions.

How old is Selina Kyle?

It depends on the version of Batman (comics, animated, film). In most, she is either slightly younger than Batman, or several years younger. However, for the version in the TV series Gotham (2014), she is two or three years older than teen-aged Bruce Wayne.

Who is smarter Bruce Wayne or Bruce banner?

Well in the comics it states that Bruce Wayne whas nigh-superhuman detective and reasoning prowess that (Should) allow him to be the spandex Sherlock of Gotham, so I would go for Bruce.

Who was the aunt who lived in Wayne Manor in the 60's Batman TV series?

her name was aunt harriet and was Bruce Wayne (batman's) aunt.

When and where did Thomas Bruce die?

There is no character in Batman named Thomas Bruce. However, I believe the reference is the Thomas Wayne, Bruce Wayne's father. He and his wife Martha were shot and killed by a robber in an alley in Gotham City as their son Bruce watched.

Did Bruce Wayne appaear in TV show Small-ville?

No, Bruce Wayne otherwise known as Batman did not physically appear in Smallville.

What planet did Batman come from?

Batman is a human being, and was born as Bruce Wayne in Gotham City, on Earth.

What happen to Bruce Wayne in batman beyond?

Bruce Wayne became old and had hung up the cape and cowl. That is, until high-schooler Terry McGinnis stole the suit and became the new Batman in future Gotham City. At first, he used it to get revenge on his father's murderer. But Bruce saw potential in the boy a deemed him worthy of being the new protector of Gotham City.

What is batmans alias?

Batman's alter ego is practically his identity which covers him being Batman. His alter ego is Bruce Wayne.

What was Batman birth place?

From the deepest, darkest fears of all criminals...but his alter ego, Bruce Wayne, was from Gotham City