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Clarence Clemmons

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Q: Who plays the saxophone with Lady Gaga in The Edge of Glory?
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Is there a saxiphone in the edge of glory by lady gaga?

Yes. There is a saxophone solo

Where can you find the sax solo for the Edge of Glory by Lady Gaga?

Where can you find the sax solo in edge of glory? Go to YouTube and search up edge of glory instrumental and skip ahead, till you find the saxophone part

Who sings i'm on the edge?

I think you're referring to '' The Edge of Glory,'' which is sung by Lady Gaga.

Is Lady Gaga on the edge of glory?

No, she is not,

How old was lady gaga when she did im on the edge of glory?

She was 25 when she performed The Edge Of Glory.

What number is Edge of Glory on the Lady Gaga CD?

'The Edge of Glory' is track number 17 on Lady Gaga's album 'Born This Way'

Is lady gaga Judas older then lady gaga edge of glory?


What is the edge of glory by Lady Gaga about?

ABOUT HER ON THE EDGE because she is near the end of her career

How many times does lady gaga say edge in edge of glory?


What did lady gaga sing on the American Idol finally?

the edge of glory

What song is lady gaga working in right now?

The edge of glory

What Lady Gaga songs do not have bad words in them?

you and i , Telephone ,the Edge Of Glory