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Bouncer is played by Ben Hanson.

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Q: Who plays the part of bouncer in Tracy beaker?
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Who did you get the part in Tracy beaker?

Danielle harmer

Who got the part for Hannah Montana before Miley Cyrus?

Montana thompsan who plays Justin littlewood in Tracy beaker durh

What can you do to get a part in Tracy beaker returns?

apply on the cbbc website

What shoes does Tracy beaker wear?

Tracy Beaker typically wears a pair of red Converse All-Star high-top sneakers in the TV series "The Story of Tracy Beaker." These shoes are a signature part of her character's look.

What is the story of Tracy beaker Nathan Jones' real name?

In the story of Tracy Beaker, Nathan Jones' real name is Ben Batambuze. He changes his name in the second series of the Tracy Beaker franchise when he decides to fully embrace his Ugandan heritage and identity. This change represents an important part of his character development throughout the series.

When do Carmen and rick kiss on Tracy beaker returns?

Carmen and Rick kiss in the last episode of series one of Tracy Beaker Returns, titled "Goodbye Tracy Beaker".

What actors and actresses appeared in Tracy Beaker Parties with Pudsey - 2004?

The cast of Tracy Beaker Parties with Pudsey - 2004 includes: Laura Aikman as Mysti (Part 4) Peter Andre as Himself (Part 3) Connor Byrne as Mike Milligan James Cartwright as Nathan (Part 4) Fearne Cotton as Herself (Part 4) Rochelle Gadd as Adele Ben Hanson as Bouncer Dani Harmer as Tracy Beaker Anthony Head as Himself (Part 3) Alicia Hooper as Amber Hearst (Part 4) Monica Irimia as Herself (Part 5) Gabriella Irimia as Herself (Part 5) Richard McCourt as Himself (Part 5) Darragh Mortell as Crash Chelsie Padley as Louise (Part 4) Clive Rowe as Duke Montanna Thompson as Justine Littlewood Antony Worrall Thompson as Himself (Part 1)

Where can you find Totally Tracy Beaker part 9 magazine?

You can find it on eBay or other online websites.

How do you get to b on Tracy beaker?

Recently 'The Story Of Tracy Beaker' Has Officially Finnshed So They're is No Possible Way For You To Act + Star in the Drama But They're is an Allternitive.. Tracy Beaker Is Part of The BBC Based at CBBC -CBB Channel- They're is So many more Programmes, Cartoons + Dramas on CBBC, Ok so You carnt Star In Tracy Beaker But You Could Always star in another Amazing Drama From CBBC For More Information, Go on And Click on 'Be on show!' It Will Give You Varius Shows You Can Take part in + How and Where To Audition For You're Dream Part! Good Luck.Hope to see you on the big screens soon!

How do you get a part in Tracy Beaker returns?

i really want 2 but i think you should go 2 acting school like me!!

How can you meet the Tracy beaker returnes cast?

well, you have to be a really good actress and you mite be so good that you could get a part in Tracy beaker returns or you could just see them some where and if you live in Kent i would expect you would see a member in the cast because they film in Kent. hope that helps you with you answer

How did Harry from Tracy Beaker Returns get chosen for the part?

Harry from Tracy Beaker Returns was chosen for the part through the audition process, where actors are selected based on their performance, suitability for the role, and chemistry with other cast members. Casting directors may also consider an actor's experience, training, and ability to bring depth to the character.